Ollie Schrauwen: Moeb

Work / Illustration

Some of the most oddly spectacular illustration we’ve seen – here’s Ollie Schrauwen

Welcome to my life, Ollie Schrauwen. Make yourself comfortable, you’ll be staying here for a while. It’s funny how you think you know your favourite illustrators and then BAM! Someone comes out of the blue with a bunch of work that makes your mouth fill up with spit (in a good way). Ollie is a little but of a mystery, we know he’s matey with Brecht Vandenbroucke (which is a personal life goal I hope to mirror) and we also know that he’s from Belgium and currently resides in Germany.

To see such a gentle appreciation for science fiction, mixed with genuine humour and real, pure draughtsmanship is just so rare. The tender dreaminess coming off the illustrations (particularly in Arsene and the entry halls picture) is almost too much to bear. I don’t know if it was because I was listening to a really sad Elton John song at the time, but when I really looked at those images I wanted to cry and be sick at the same time (again, in a good way).


Ollie Schrauwen: Arsene


Ollie Schrauwen: Greys


Ollie Schrauwen: Untitled


Ollie Schrauwen: Untitled


Ollie Schrauwen: Ensor, Einstein en Bobbejaan


Ollie Schrauwen: Cover


Ollie Schrauwen: Bloemeneters


Ollie Schrauwen: Moeb