Olly Moss: 8-bit Willow Pattern

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GameBoy themed Willow-Pattern plates anyone? Well done again, Olly Moss

Everyone loves Olly Moss, and do you know why? Because he’s one of the only graphic designers out there who makes genuinely good homages to pop culture. Remember his Star Wars posters that made the knees of every nerd in the country knock together in wonder? He did those. Remember the spectacularly clever Oscars diagram where every Best Film winner was represented as an award? He did that too.

So now for Olly’s latest venture — a set of plates designed in the willow pattern style of yore. Like the ancient originals, these plates are adorned with heroes and legendary stories. For Olly though, the legendary stories he wanted to portray were the ones the gamers among us can completely relate to — the tales from Zelda: Link’s Awakening and some early GameBoy Pokemon scenes. Hats off to you Olly, this is hands-down the coolest and nerdiest thing we’ve seen all year. Please say they’re for sale.


Olly Moss: Olly Moss: 8-bit Willow Pattern


Olly Moss: 8-bit Willow Pattern


Olly Moss: 8-bit Willow Pattern


Olly Moss: 8-bit Willow Pattern