Oscar Lhermitte: Urban Stargazing

8 July 2011

The word beautiful gets thrown around a lot when talking about creative projects, but I’m not sure many are as worthy of the tag as Oscar Lermitte’s Urban Stargazing. Frustrated with not being able to see constellations in the overly light-polluted sky of our beloved capital city, Oscar took the law into his own hands and not only invented his own, but also made them a physical reality with some nifty use of ultra-thin nylon line and fibre optics. Crane your neck and say “ohhhhhh.”

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Alex Bec

Alex joined as director in 2008 and oversees the commercial side of The HudsonBec Group which includes It's Nice That, Anyways, Lecture in Progress and If You Could Jobs. Contact him to discuss working with us on sponsored content, commercial partnerships, media partnerships and commissioning work.


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