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Our next Here profile — the fascinating film-maker Carol Morley

“Nothing has lingered in my mind like this” were the words of Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian’s film critic, after witnessing Dreams of a Life, Carol Morley’s groundbreaking 2011 documentary. Born from a self-confessed obsession with the story of Joyce Vincent, a young woman who was found dead in her London flat with the television still on, having not been found, or looked for, for over three years, this documentary was what made the world sit up and listen to what Carol wanted to communicate to us.

No stranger to game-changing films, Carol was already quite well-known for her much talked about documentary The Alcohol Years which focused on her time spent becoming inebriated in Manchester during the Hacienda days. In what may be one of the best ideas for a documentary ever, Carol decided to put adverts out to anyone who may have come across her during her time in Manchester in order to try and piece together what happened and create new memories in place of the ones she had lost.

To hear Carol speak in more detail about the process with which she created these films, and some of her earlier works, is an absolute honour, and something that we are incredibly excited about. She will focus in particular on why she is so drawn to telling personal stories and how the interplay between the storytelling urge and the way we tell stories informs her work.

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Carol Morley: Dreams of a Life


Carol Morley: Dreams of a Life


Carol Morley: Dreams of a Life


Carol Morley: The Alcohol Years


Carol Morley: The Alcohol Years