Oyyo: NES

Work / Photography

Here’s mysterious, Swedish magic carpet makers Oyyo and their beautiful rugs. Thanks Wednesday!

Before you get excited and start counting your gold coins to see how many of these rugs you can cram into your house, I must warn you that these are no ordinary rugs and it may be somewhat tricky to get your little paws on them. Swedish design team Oyyo commissioned townsfolk near the Indian city of Jodhpur to make the rugs that are released on a very, very limited run (we’re talking two per year). The result is a selection of some of the most beautiful soft furnishings — if you can even call them that — that we’ve ever seen. Or is that down to the stroke-of-genius look book photography? We’ll leave it up to you to decide.


Oyyo: Noto


Oyyo: Brick


Oyyo: Bastian


Oyyo: Roden


Oyyo: NES