Pablo Iranzo: Epic Pukes: Jagger’s

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Pablo Iranzo puts the vomit back into pop music in his Epic Puke series

Five-finger-fountains at gigs are no new thing, back in the 60’s the girls blew chunks even at the sight of Ringo’s little face behind the drums. With that in mind, it is usually the audience who participates in the chundering, be it brought on by extreme fandom or one too many warm ciders downed before you join the queue. To see prolific stage-dwellers with neon, gunky vomit pouring out of their mouths onto their microphones is a rare thing in the flesh, so luckily here’s Pablo Iranzo with his Epic Pukes series. There’s not much to it really – he’s just drawn vomit onto photos of musical icons – but you can’t deny its simple, genius and slightly nauseating appeal.


Pablo Iranzo: Epic Pukes: Holiday’s


Pablo Iranzo: Epic Pukes: Freddie’s


Pablo Iranzo: Epic Pukes: Ray’s


Pablo Iranzo: Epic Pukes: Tyler’s


Pablo Iranzo: Epic Pukes: Michael’s