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Kings of collaboration – the friendly, New York studio of Part & Parcel

Oh Part & Parcel, I can just imagine what it’s like to work for you. A nice little studio in New York, beers after work, antics on a roof terrace, a little shelf of comic books, good looking bearded friends asking if they can leave their bike in the studio for a bit (which, of course, they can). Okay, well who knows what it’s like in Part & Parcel but judging by their superb, growing selection of happy animations, videos, comics – life’s pretty good.

We actually posted about their work back in early 2011, so we were keen to find out what they had been up to since. It turns out they have a few new fantastic, lovingly created projects that not only reflect their style and outlook on the world of design, but they are also made for some very hefty clients including Nike, Ford and The New York Times. These guys are setting a great example of how to be awesome, whilst still maintaining strong values and the enviable skill of being able to continually pick the perfect people to collaborate with.


Part & Parcel: Sister #99


Part & Parcel: Kate Spade Year of Color


Part & Parcel: Kate Spade Year of Color


Part & Parcel: Poster for exhibition of new work by Part & Parcel


Part & Parcel: The Decline of the Science Fair, illustration for the New York Times