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Patricia Voulgaris’ surreal photographs are influenced by memory, sculpture and space

“Memory is always relevant; all we have is time. Our bodies exist for the sole purpose of remembrance,” says New York-based photographer Patricia Voulgaris. Through her ongoing series Fragments, Patricia presents an observation of shape, form and composition that explores the concept of memory and how the body can be used to make sense of the world around us. But what exactly is a memory? How do we remember a moment? Can a memory ever be accurately represented?

As an attempt to piece together her own memories and experiences, Patricia takes us on a journey through the lens. As more of a blurred vision, rather than an exact replica, each image represents a distorted version of reality — one that’s been cut and built upon with surreal body parts and faces peeking through. “I look at a lot of work; I reflect on my creative practice and combine a mishmash of ideas into something new and true,” she says. “There is a lot of work that goes into creating an image, both physically and mentally. I am really interested in exploring how the body interacts within a limited space and how as creators we can push these defined boundaries."

In her work, a bold flash, contrast and geometric shapes are pinned down with abstract landscapes and set designs. Patricia uses inexpensive materials, such as foam boards, wood and paper that “are easy to use and you won’t feel guilty breaking them”. The end result is provocative ends up shifting the viewer’s perception into a state of confusion. “My process relies heavily on construction and deconstruction," she says. "After I photograph a set, I will leave it up for a few days, check out the images and see if I need to photograph the set again. At this point in the process it’s trial and error.”

For Patricia, the body is a tool for making sense of past experiences. “I always found my work to be more about theory, process and our attempt to understand the world that surrounds us. We create space physically and subconsciously, where both actions are dictated by the body,” she says. “We consume, fill, and bury every inch. Occasionally, we purposely create spaces between one another, fleeting from a feeling that we no longer choose to acknowledge. The spaces that we once held are soon replaced and occupied with a new placeholder. As time passes, we reflect on the spaces that we once inhabited. Our memories wont let us forget.”


Patricia Voulgaris: Fragments


Patricia Voulgaris: Fragments


Patricia Voulgaris: Fragments


Patricia Voulgaris: Fragments


Patricia Voulgaris: Fragments