Patrick Desbrosses: Untitled (crop)

Work / Photography

Here’s some incredibly astute portrait photography by Patrick Desbrosses

There’s been a disproportionate amount of really fantastic portraiture flying round the It’s Nice That studios of late. I don’t know what’s prompted the sudden burst, but the number of photographers fine-tuning their ability to capture subtle nuances of a person’s character in accordance with their posture, their setting, the kind and colour of the clothes they wear and the distinct way they gaze into the lens, is astounding.

Take Berlin-based Patrick Desbrosses, he consistently succeeds in capturing his subjects in a way which feels almost unnervingly natural; sipping on a coffee, tapping away on their phone or caught by a sudden ray of golden light. His images feel intimate without being overbearing and are sensitive in their approach, occasionally capturing characters as aptly from behind or from one side as they do from face on. There’s no equation to it, but Patrick’s work is quietly disarming, and we’re in awe of it.


Patrick Desbrosses: Untitled


Patrick Desbrosses: Anne


Patrick Desbrosses: Daniel Kehlmann


Patrick Desbrosses: Emily


Patrick Desbrosses: Houllebecq


Patrick Desbrosses: Shout Out Louds


Patrick Desbrosses: War Hier


Patrick Desbrosses: Untitled