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Patrick Kyle uses analogue and digital techniques in these pared-back illustrations

We’ve long been fans of illustrator Patrick Kyle and he’s become known for his comic book-style, cartoon-inspired drawings as well as the techniques and drawings rooted in that world. Patrick’s approach to his work has always been very spontaneous: “I just start and see where [the illustrations] go. I enjoy the act of drawing. Although I’ve turned it into my job, I’ve always found it very calming,” says the illustrator.

Patrick often tries to make images that are “extraterrestrial or transcendental”, referencing themes like science fiction, technology and fantasy. The result is a cornucopia of detail, with offbeat characters navigating psychedelic worlds.

Though his work has alway been line-based, recently Patrick has actively been “more conservative” in his use of colour. “I used to do everything completely analogue, but I started using Photoshop to finish my illustration work instead a few years ago,” Patrick says. “I miss the texture and grit of those old analogue pieces compared to my digital work, so recently I’ve been trying to find a middle ground.”

This new slew of works still has Patrick’s eye for capturing odd figures, but the emphasis is on his thinly-drawn lines and the shapes created. Using just one bright colour in each illustration emphasises the pared-back nature of these new works that signal a new direction for the illustrator.


Patrick Kyle


Patrick Kyle


Patrick Kyle


Patrick Kyle