Paul Paetzel: Contribution to NoBrow 6

Work / Illustration

ABBA tributes and car accidents, be prepared to add Paul Paetzel to your list of favourite illustrators

Can we all just stop, stop for a minute and have a good, proper look at how talented this man is? I scarcely know where to begin. There was one point (whilst reading the comic strip about the crispy pommes frites) when I actually had to turn away because it was too good. Yep, you heard it, Paul Paetzel’s work is basically the illustration equivalent of the sun. One third of the Berlin-based illustration wunder-trio Biografiktion , Paul spends his days collaborating with the equally talented Ana Albero and Till Hafenbrak on publications that they sell in their dangerously alluring online shop. Stop reading this and give yourself at least an hour on Paul’s blog, paying particular attention to the delicious sneak previews of his and Till’s upcoming book “Shokaki.” Very exciting.


Paul Paetzel: one of 10 Pages for Max Joseph Magazin


Paul Paetzel: The Shokaki (collaboration with Till Hafenbrak)


Paul Paetzel: one of 10 Pages for Max Joseph Magazin


Paul Paetzel: Raw panel example out of the collaboration-comic-project with Till Hafenbrak called “The Shokaki”


Paul Paetzel: one of four pages for Pedestool Sample from Neverpress


Paul Paetzel: ABBA: The beginning


Paul Paetzel: Pommes Frites


Paul Paetzel: Untitled


Paul Paetzel: Keyman Universe


Paul Paetzel: Riddle