Partnership / Paul Smith 2015

British Olympic gymnast Max Whitlock shows off dynamic tailoring from Paul Smith

Travel, especially for business, used to be a slow-paced and slightly luxurious affair. There were steamer trunks, freshly pressed suits, free in-flight cocktails or drinks in the dining car, and people could take their time. Everything today is quicker and less polished, and gone are the stylish airport lounges and the days when, in true Mad Men style, boarding a plane in a sharp suit, lighting a cigarette and being handed a drink was par for the course. We lead moveable lifestyles, time is short, and the modern wardrobe tends to lean toward the highly functional.

You only have to look at the sheer number of brands built on making hardwearing basics – or what some call “posh pyjamas” – to know that comfort and simplicity are key, and yet there are still occasions when many of us need to look buttoned up on the go. As part of Paul Smith’s AW15 collection, the British label have stepped in to bridge the gap with A Suit to Travel In. The modern suit, which despite being wool doesn’t crease, debuted earlier this year in a performance of acrobatic feats by artists from the National Centre for Circus Arts, and is most impressively put through its paces by Olympic gymnast Max Whitlock in this short film showing tailoring like you’ve never seen it.


Paul Smith: A Suit to Travel In


Paul Smith: A Suit to Travel In