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Pete Deevakul photographs garish energy drink cocktails in new book

New York-based photographer Pete Deevakul has shot these splendidly garish photographs for a new book out next year called Energy: Cocktails to get you up, “a guide to making cocktails using energy drinks and other supplements mixed with booze.” Put together by Steph Russ, the book has over 75 enhanced recipes to get you hyped up on a risky-sounding mix of sugar, caffeine and alcohol, but it’s Pete’s illustrative images that bring the whole thing to life.

A brazen can of Monster sitting next to a tall bottle of champers surrounded by smiley face helium balloons sets the tone for the series. But it’s the relentless contrast between sumptuous fabrics and classy drinks, with cheap props and trashy mixers that becomes irresistible. The bright and subdued colours provide more clashing textures, and the matter-of-fact compositions add a wonderful humour.


Pete Deevakul: Energy Cocktails to get you up


Pete Deevakul: Energy Cocktails to get you up


Pete Deevakul: Energy Cocktails to get you up