Pete Fowler: Cruise Control

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Peter Fowler’s new show in Cardiff showcases old and new work from the Super Furry Animals favourite

Artist Pete Fowler is best know for his work with the Super Furry Animals, creating as he did an aesthetic vernacular that offered a joyful alternative to the surly-cool of 1990s Britpop. He has just opened a new show at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre which not only showcases both early sketches and final pieces for the band, but also some greatest hits from his Monsterism series and some beautiful new work, some of which concentrates on the Cornish coastline he so loves (he was at art school in Falmouth).

These large psychedelic reinterpretations from an artist not known for landscape work are particularly absorbing but throughout the show there are reminders that here is a creative talent with technical skill, wit and a great way of looking at the world.

Oceans of Fantasy runs until February 24.


Pete Fowler: UFO Landscapes


Pete Fowler: Mr Espresso


Pete Fowler: Beast Reef


Pete Fowler: Spectacled Goose


Pete Fowler: Galleon Hands


Pete Fowler: Arrival


Pete Fowler: Filter Cleaning


Pete Fowler: Cosmic Rescue


Pete Fowler: Portrait