Pete Gamlen: Cincinatti Magazine

Work / Illustration

Hilarious editorial illustration with a dark twist from the marvellous Pete Gamlen

It’s not often you actually laugh at someone’s drawings but Pete’s image of a man tickling a happy pig’s belly is perhaps the most hilariously pleasing picture ever made. Working in a style that brings to mind Acme towers and the classic advertising styles of New York past, Pete’s editorial work is second to none. Using a recurring visual trick of imitating the old-fashioned four-colour-process, Pete transforms his illustrations into the kind of thing you may get in a vintage newspaper — albeit with added speech bubbles containing words like “douchebag.”

A Brighton graduate, Pete is now contributing his witty drawings to a handful of terrific publications such as Lucky Peach, Monocle and The New York Times. Check out his blog for some brilliant offcuts and a rather marvellous story about how he ended up wearing a suit previously owned by Paul Newman.


Pete Gamlen: Intelligent Life, Ice Cream


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Pete Gamlen: Intelligent Life, Ice Cream


Pete Gamlen: Cincinatti Magazine


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