Pete Souza: Bowling in Altoona, Penn.

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Barack Obama intimately captured by White House photographer Pete Souza

Obama’s in the news a lot, partly because he’s kind of in charge of the world, and partly because he’s outrageously photogenic. Bear in mind it takes a lot more than good-looks to be photogenic — being completely comfortable in your own skin, having great style and being in interesting places helps a lot too, which in Obama’s case is not difficult.

Pete Souza has intimately documented U.S Naval Academies, Kabul in the aftermath of 9/11, baseball games, Kosovo, and now the behind-the-scenes moments of the man being watched by the entire world – Barack Obama.

Souza’s ability to access high security places that other photographers could not is by no means the only reason why these photographs are so great – his photography is classic, polite and non-intrusive. Without being biased and making Obama seem God-like, Souza reveals his true personality including his love for pizza, bowling, and his family. This is the reason Souza keeps getting invited back to the White House, and will hopefully continue to do so.


Pete Souza: Inside Nelson Mandela’s prison cell in South Africa.


Pete Souza: New Hampshire.


Pete Souza: Walking through O’Hare Airport.


Pete Souza: With Michelle on his campaign plane


Pete Souza: Obama undergoes a rapid HIV blood test.


Pete Souza: South Carolina.


Pete Souza: In his temporary Senate office.


Pete Souza: During a meeting.


Pete Souza: After a press conference in New Hampshire.