Philip Haynes: The Crossfitters (detail)

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Photography: Philip Haynes captures weighlifters at their most intense moment

On the about section of his website, Philip Haynes describes himself as “A Norwich boy who happens to shoot heroes” which sounds like a terrific pitch for a low-budget UK action movie. Sadly the truth is Philip is a photographer, but happily he is a fantastic photographer, who specialises in sports images both in personal projects and for clients like Converse, Mens Health and O2.

Phil says that his approach to image-making is characterised by “looking to capture the energy of saturation in colour, just as much as the energy within the movement” which a quick romp through his portfolio proves is more than an abstract concept. This recent series The Crossfitters is a terrific study in intensity, pain and determination, captured at the pivotal moment at the bottom of an overhead squat (nope, me neither).

Phil shares a studio with the likes of David Ryle and Nick Ballon, suggesting there’s something in the water up in that corner of east London.


Philip Haynes: The Crossfitters


Philip Haynes: The Crossfitters


Philip Haynes: The Crossfitters


Philip Haynes: The Crossfitters


Philip Haynes: The Crossfitters