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Celebrate what makes your city great in visual feast of a new Philips contest

Ideas around urban development and social interaction can easily get bogged down in impenetrable jargon and dry intellectual pontificating but we can’t help feel that it all rather misses the point. Cities are living, breathing collections of people and what makes them work (and what makes them great) has little to do with something you can codify in a textbook.
A new contest launched by Philips seems to acknowledge this truth, asking people to create Pinterest boards which demonstrate what makes their city livable and indeed lovable. It’s Nice That is sitting on the “expert judging panel” (I know, get us!) and we particularly like the  way it leaves the interpretation of a city’s values down to the actual people who make it what it is.
And you can already see in the entries a wonderful diversity, of ideas and places ranging from the utterly specific to the brilliantly broadbrush, but crucially all rooted in the realities of those who should know.
To enter you can create your own Pinterest board with the tag #pinyourcity in the name and add your voice to the mix. Good luck!


Philips Livable Cities #pinyourcity logo


Philips Livable Cities #pinyourcity example


Philips Livable Cities #pinyourcity example


Philips Livable Cities #pinyourcity example

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