Photographer Carlota Guerrero depicts the female body as a canvas for Apartamento (NSFW)

16 May 2017
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Pursuing the pages of the latest issue of Apartamento magazine, we spied new work from photographer and soon-to-be speaker at our upcoming Here conference, Carlota Guerrero. In the photographer’s increasingly familiar style, the series depicts three women wearing only white underwear and powder-based paint.

The concept behind the feature is explained best in Alejandra Smit’s introduction. “We are moving through a cultural moment in which terms like ‘privacy’, ‘nudity’, ‘marketing’, ‘gender’ are being questioned,” Alejandra says. “For artists of all disciplines, the only way to reinvent these concepts is moving towards them, like scientists carrying out trial and error experiments until reaching an answer. We sat down to speak with experimental artist Soraya Rosales, photographer and art director Carlota Guerrero, and Paloma Lanna, who lends her name and creative direction to the clothing brand Paloma Wool. Beyond the differences and similarities, their work emits a unified call for an organic revolution, based upon action and born of acceptance."

“The photos were trying to express the idea that we, women on the internet, are owning our bodies, using them as canvas to express things, not because men want it to but because we have things to say, and they don’t have to be related to sex,” Carlota told It’s Nice That. “So we were painting ourselves in earthy colours, with natural pigments, and portraying us with natural light and a honest gaze.


Carlota Guerrero: Apartamento magazine


Carlota Guerrero: Apartamento magazine

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