Emily Shur: Will Ferrell

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Photography: Your favourite American celebrities photographed by Emily Shur

Things in LA are shinier and better looking than pretty much the rest of the world, and a shiny place full of really, really good looking famous people calls for a photographer who’s going to immortalise them properly. Luckily Emily Shur is really good at capturing the stars of LA with a sheen that is at once humorous and also incredibly flattering. Her portraits tend to be hi-octane shots that have obviously taken a while to set up, and then edit, to show the subject almost as they would be expected to appear on the silver screen. The more commercial shots (Will Ferrell in a fur coat) are juxtaposed nicely with candid gems such as the portrait of Neko Case with a horse or Adrien Brody grinning cheekily through some railings.


Emily Shur: Michael Cera


Emily Shur: Nick Offerman


Emily Shur: Neko Case


Emily Shur: Dangermouse


Emily Shur: Jason Schwartzmann


Emily Shur: Adrien Brody


Emily Shur: Mark Zuckerberg