Francesca Ferrari

Work / Photography

Photography: Check out Francesca Ferrari’s fantastically surreal photographs

There’s nothing quite as striking as a perfectly poised photograph which actually pushes you to ask the question “so what’s all this about, then?” and photographer Francesca Ferrari’s brilliant work will make you ask nothing if not that.

Having studied both visual communication in Sydney and industrial design in Milan, her use of space borders on the meticulous, and, balanced with the visual ambiguity which occurs when faced with one of her images, makes for a very interesting viewer experience. Other projects include ambiguous looking objects poised against psychedelic backgrounds which have been coloured in with felt-tip pens, various shots of girls hiding behind things (a curtain, a plant, a newspaper) and an impressive selection of stones and rockery balanced on a bookshelf. As I said, “what’s this all about, then?” I don’t imagine that the magic starts to wear off once you find out.


Francesca Ferrari: Hiding Shoes


Francesca Ferrari: Types of Roses


Francesca Ferrari: Orange Plastic Glass


Francesca Ferrari: Empty Vase