Charles Morgan Smith: Alien

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Photography: How sci-fi films portray the cosmos, by Charles Morgan Smith

Fantastic observational project here from Brighton Photography MA graduate Charles Morgan Smith. Charles’ work is almost entirely inspired by the cosmos and all it has to offer, and he has spent his wise MA years using photography to filter his enthusiasm. “To the planetarium!” He uttered one day and strode off to make one of the coolest photography projects we’ve seen in ages, in which he actually got to photograph the night sky at a planetarium. In Parallel Cosmologies, Charles’ other absolute banger of a project and the one we’ve chosen to feature, he’s combed his way through every sci-fi blockbuster and photographed the director’s vision of the cosmos, collating it all in a rather sublime set of images. More please Charles, more of the same.


Charles Morgan Smith: LV-223, Prometheus


Charles Morgan Smith: Beta Quadrant, Star Trek


Charles Morgan Smith: 2001 Space Odyssey


Charles Morgan Smith: Viltvodle VI, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Charles Morgan Smith: Thedus, Alien


Charles Morgan Smith: Deep Core, Star Wars


Charles Morgan Smith: Deep Core, Star Wars