Isabella Rozendaal: Mojo’s First Duck Hunt, Oregon 2012

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Photography: Isabella Rozendaal’s ongoing project on worldwide methods of hunting

Two things set Isabella Rozendaal’s work apart from others: one is the fact that they are true documentary photographs, with each caption actually teaching you something you were previously unaware of; and two, her ongoing projects can span the space of five years at a time. Isabella Hunts has been in the making since 2009, and will go on, she says, until 2015 at the earliest.

The project consists of her travelling the world to document hunting in all its different forms, and she has recently returned (alive) from elk hunting in the Rocky Mountains, which you can read a rather poignant blog post about here. Isabella has to be one of the bravest photographers out there with an artistic nature reminiscent of Taryn Simon in that she’s going to get the shots she needs, and nothing’s going to get in her way.


Isabella Rozendaal: Black Bear Hunt, California 2012


Isabella Rozendaal: Mule Train, Wyoming 2012


Isabella Rozendaal: Dog with Hare, Holland 2009


Isabella Rozendaal: Elk Hunting Guide, Wyoming 2012


Isabella Rozendaal: Falconry Festival, Abu Dhabi 2011


Isabella Rozendaal: Elk Hunt, Wyoming 2012


Isabella Rozendaal: Alligator Processing Plant, Louisiana 2010