Jeremy Liebman: Paul Morrissey for Bad Day Magazine

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Photography: No one photographs creative types like Jeremy Liebman

What a doofus am I, visiting Jeremy’s site for like two years and thinking “why the HELL is he not making any more work?” And then realising that yes, he has been making work, it’s just all on his blog. How pleasurable though to click on a link to find pages and pages of new and previously unseen Liebman snaps. What I’ve always loved about Jeremy is that he takes the standard job of going to photograph an artist and does it in a way that no one else does. It’s not rocket science to go and photograph artists in their studios and make candid, pleasant shot, but it is much more difficult to leave with the kind of photographs that Jeremy takes.

Stark and raw in the style of Juergen Teller but with a heaped spoonful of humour, his photos (or his presence) seems to draw out the extravagant, weird side in people from already-weird creatives to powerful businessmen. Want to hire Jeremy to make your own magazine look much better? You can try, but I imagine he’s probably too busy photographing for every good magazine there is right now, particularly Bad Day which he seems to be doing a lot of work for at the moment.

Here’s what he had to say about his latest shoot for them: “I paid a visit to the Upper East Side home of director Paul Morrissey, a central figure in Warhol’s factory, for Bad Day Issue 16. He would only let me photograph him in one spot, and only chest-up (”I’m not a goddamn athlete!”). Kudos to Bad Day art director Colin Bergh for embracing the repetition in the opening spread. Morrissey doesn’t hold back in the interview with Charlie Curkin, railing against Warhol, contemporary filmmaking, The Velvet Underground, and pretty much everything else." Oh right, yeah, no big deal.


Jeremy Liebman: Director Shane Carruth (Primer, Upstream Color) for Bullet. Art direction by James Orlando. Styled by Stephanie Singer.


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Jeremy Liebman: Thom Browne photographed in New York for Elle Collections UK


Jeremy Liebman: Paul Morrissey for Bad Day Magazine