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Photography: Candid portraits of London’s rapidly decreasing independent shops

Has anyone else realised that no matter which UK town you’re in, the high street remains the same? The eerie Groundhog’s Day feeling of seeing the uniform Nero, Boots, Costa, Sainsbury’s Local, Primark strip that is ubiquitous to any town is enough to make you want to invent a time machine and go back to the land of independent crafts. This is exactly why projects such as this one by Laura Braun are so important. Laura went on a voyage around London to find some of the most important independent shops in the capital and took a candid portrait of each shopkeeper. We love projects like these – proof that the photographer has not only made an outstanding project but that they have also taken the time to get to know their subjects.


Laura Braun: Thomas McLucas. Optil, Optical Instruments Ltd.


Laura Braun: Optil, Optical Instruments Ltd.


Laura Braun: Peter Schweiger. James Taylor & Son, Marylebone


Laura Braun: Salih Adalier. Kibris Photo Studio, Newington Green


Laura Braun: Celia Mitchell. Ripping Yarns, Highgate


Laura Braun: Emilio Allodi. Allodi Accordions Ltd., Lewisham


Laura Braun: Harry Moran. Hornsey Automatic Transmissions Ltd., Stroud Green