Leonard Greco: Untitled (crop)

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Photography: Unparalleled editorial photography and still-life from well-named Leonard Greco

Phwoarr! This is good. I’m pretty sure we’ve done a post on any person who has ever done an editorial shoot for ’SUP magazine, and Leonard is our latest find. He’s most well-known for a black and white photo of Sebastien Tellier that he took a few years back, but delving further on his site proves that he’s way more than just a cool guy with a camera who hangs around with French singers. Fluoro still-lifes, gloved hands (creepy) and apples resting terrifyingly on old video games give you a weird itching sensation in your brain, like Leonard has sneakily tapped a nerve that has never been tapped before. If you prefer his music photography, make sure you drag that photo of the Emeralds singer holding two tabby cats into your favourites folder, stat.


Leonard Greco: Still Life


Leonard Greco: Still Life


Leonard Greco: Still Life


Leonard Greco: Still Life


Leonard Greco: Still Life


Leonard Greco: Emeralds for ’SUP Magazine


Leonard Greco: Personal