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Photography: Lydia Garnett’s beautiful urchins in pride of place on her new website

Hands up if you dragged the front cover of LAW magazine off a blog on to your desktop to the special folder marked “favourites?” Well now’s your chance to see some behind-the-scenes shots of that famous shoot from last year because Lydia Garnett is the woman behind the camera. Her new site – designed by Toby Jury Morgan – is brimming with exciting new work, predominantly lookbook shots and editorial, some for big names such as Supremebeing and Adidas Originals. This hardly comes as a surprise – anything Lydia turns her lens on suddenly becomes cool, including smoking, head shaving, reading and purple eyebrows. This new site is a credit to how much Lydia’s career is taking off, so watch this space.


Lydia Garnett:


Lydia Garnett:


Lydia Garnett: LAW Magazine


Lydia Garnett:


Lydia Garnett: Life’s a Beach lookbook


Lydia Garnett: Life’s a Beach lookbook


Lydia Garnett: Notion Magazine editorial