Maciek Pozoga: KENZO

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Photography: Maciek Pozoga smashes other editorial photographers out the park

LOOK at the baby in the photo below this text. Okay, now that’s done let’s talk about how unbelievably brilliant photographer Maciek Pozoga is. Someone like him, someone who can capture the cool magic in the world, of course spends his time taking photos for some of the coolest publications and brands on the planet. be it The New York Times, Oyster, or even KENZO, everyone wants a little bit of this guy. Even I want a little bit of this guy. I want him to photograph my wedding, I want him to be the photographer in residence of my brain so he can take control of my inner eyelids and curate the content during night time hours.

Now let’s turn our attention back to the photo of that baby. Oh yeah. Read a more concise piece of info about his work over on his site , then go check out his Tumblr.


Maciek Pozoga: Newborn, 2012


Maciek Pozoga: Outtake from MICROMEGAS (Voyages Extraordinaires), 2012


Maciek Pozoga: Tame Impala, Press Pictures, 2012


Maciek Pozoga: BOBMO, 2013


Maciek Pozoga: Le Sentier de Daath, reportage for Vice Magazine, 2013


Maciek Pozoga: Lillian, 2013


Maciek Pozoga: Commissionned portrait of Caroline Fourest for M, le magazine du Monde. 2013


Maciek Pozoga: Stromboli, 2013