Mariano García Cruz: Plants

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Photography: Mariano García Cruz’s photos make you hungry for a holiday

This selection of images, to me, is the photographic equivalent of emerging from the sea and lying cosily underneath a warm towel. It’s not all freckled babes in speckled sunlight though, there’s a healthy dollop of geese, some wet hair and some seductively succulent shots of wild plants to get you going as well. No matter what he’s shooting though, each image is so warm and sepia-tinted that they seem to be spread on to the webpage like warm butter. Mariano isn’t just a dab hand at photography, he also art directs for lots of interesting ad campaigns and fanzines and is also a rather talented illustrator. Jealous!


Mariano García Cruz: Ana Miranda


Mariano García Cruz: Monstera Deliciosa


Mariano García Cruz: Maria Combing After Her Shower


Mariano García Cruz: Flower


Mariano García Cruz: Copenhagen Bird


Mariano García Cruz: Boat Captain


Mariano García Cruz: Plants