Olaf Heine: Leaving the Comfort Zone

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Fascinating portraits of stars by German photographer Olaf Heine

There are loads of photographs of Iggy Pop flapping around all over the world, but have you ever sat back and thought how intimidating it would be to actually photograph that man? Sometimes people think that photography is just about going into a room and doing a job, which in some cases it is, but to get just the right portrait of someone as enigmatically powerful as the super force that is Iggy Pop – that takes talent.

Olaf Heine nailed it with his portrait of Iggy, standing there with his dog-like muscles bursting out of his papery skin, he also nailed shooting exceptionally beautiful portraits of mega-famous actor Don Cheadle and mega-babe Heike Makatsch. He’s so respected in the world of the advertising and editorial photography that Iggy Pop himself said this about him: “Olaf is blessed with a clear and inescapable German eye. You better run, or fight back.” Right you are Iggy, right you are.


Olaf Heine: Leaving the Comfort Zone


Olaf Heine: Don Cheadle


Olaf Heine: I Love You But I’ve Chosen Rock


Olaf Heine: I Love You But I’ve Chosen Rock


Olaf Heine: Heike Makatsch


Olaf Heine: Rea Garvey