Pari Dukovic: President Barack Obama – The New Yorker

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Photography: Spectacular editorial photography by Pari Dukovic

I always thought that photographers would be honoured to photograph the rich and famous, but in this case I feel it would perhaps be the other way round. It’s actually incredibly difficult to sum up in just a small paragraph how mesmerisingly brilliant this editorial photography is. New York-based Pari Dukovic casts his lens upon the well-known faces of our world and, using 35mm trickery, transforms them into the immortal stars of the universe.

Grainy, high-contrast and oddly lit, these otherworldly glimpses of faces we know so well are a unique snapshot into the fragile person in front of Dukovic’s lens. I can honestly say I’ve never seen photography, particularly of the editorial kind, like this before. See Pari’s incomparable portraits deign the pages of world-class publications such as The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Zeit Magazine, Le Monde, Rolling Stone…the list goes on.


Pari Dukovic: Nicki Minaj – New York Magazine


Pari Dukovic: Bella Heathcote – Le Monde M Magazine


Pari Dukovic: Noah Baumbach & Greta Gerwig – The New Yorker


Pari Dukovic: Kim Kardashian – New York Magazine


Pari Dukovic: King Krule – The New Yorker


Pari Dukovic: Harry Brant Seymour


Pari Dukovic: Roger Federer – New York Magazine


Pari Dukovic: David Zwirner – The New Yorker


Pari Dukovic: Rag & Bone – The New Yorker