Chrissy Blake: Rose Blake and Peter Blake

Work / Photography

Photography: Family snaps of Rose Blake and Peter Blake for this issue of Printed Pages

As well as providing you with a platform upon which to lurk the new girlfriends of boyfriends past, pretend your life is better than it actually is, and make fun of old classmates who are now obese, Facebook is also a place to find corkingly good magazine content. When illustrator extraordinaire Rose Blake posted a photo of her and her dad Peter chilling out in front of one of his paintings, we asked Rose if she had any more where that came from.

Turns out her mum Chrissy Blake has got a sharp eye for a Kodak Moment and has documented Rose and Peter’s relationship since Rose was but a wee nipper. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the hilarious, charming and rather sweet photographs from the Blake family album. If you want to see more you’ll just have to buy the latest issue of Printed Pages, won’t you?


“Smoking a toy cigarette at a private view”


“Taken in a booth on Brighton pier”


“Tom Phillips, me, Dad and Mitch the maitre de at a Circus-themed NYE party at The Ivy”


“Holding up a teapot in front of dad’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party painting – in a jumper knitted by my mum.”