Pointbarre: Abigaelle, Short film poster

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Graphic Design: Pointbarre’s portfolio is consistently excellent

Here’s a few facts I read about Montreal today: it’s the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris, it’s on the same latitude as Venice, Italy and it’s also a UNESCO City of Design. This last little nugget of information makes perfect sense to me now after perusing the work of Pointbarre, a design collective based in the Candadian city.

Founded in 2010, Pointbarre has a wonderfully diverse portfolio of work that has one common thread running throughout their projects, which is that everything is really rather good. Unfussy, beautiful and simply lovely, their main interest is “graphic design that is orientated towards paper, screens and space.” From book covers and album sleeves to brand identities and poster design, Pointbarre do it all with such grace and sophistication.


Pointbarre: Erres Essais, Book cover


Pointbarre: Les Soeurs Boulay, Album cover


Pointbarre: Le Quartanier, Book covers


Pointbarre: Flyjin, Brand identity


Pointbarre: Blonde, Limited edition book


Pointbarre: 3am, Brand identity


Pointbarre: I Can Not Draw, Booklets/posters