Furniture Design: Sit Furnishings provide the perfect place to plonk your behind

28 August 2013
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It’s important not to underestimate the significance of where you place your behind. Not that I’m going to judge you for, say, a misjudged grassy patch (the modern world is rife with dogs, after all) or a a triple pronged camping chair (we’ve all been there) but when thrones such as these are a feasible option, you might want to rethink your choices. Besides, the stool may well have been shunned by comfort-seeking hedonists left, right and centre since sofas became a thing, but if Ikea has taught us anything it’s that independent interior design should damn well play a part in your Swedish mass-produced life, and that means the stool is on its way back in.

Which is where Sit comes in, a London-based company specialising in a range of tables and stools, and their latest range is quite something to behold. They have wheels! They’re named after iconic songs! That’s a super-sized Campbell’s soup tin! Not to mention the classic 1950s inspired design, the eye-popping colours and the vinyl-lined interiors. Plus, the new collection is all conveniently being displayed in a London show until Saturday, so that you can thoroughly spoil your behind.

The new collection by Sit Furnishings is on display until August 31 at 52a Great Suffolk Street.


Sit Furnishings: Hello and Good Evening


Sit Furnishings: Coffee Table


Sit Furnishings: Andy Warhol


Sit Furnishings: Heart of Glass


Sit Furnishings: Thank You and Goodnight


Sit Furnishings: Rocket Man II (Tall)

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