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Product Design: & Sparkles offer the public a chance to help create custom jewellery

Ever see “ice” hanging around someone’s neck and and think to yourself, “you know what, I could bloody do that.” Well, now is your chance! Brand new jewellery brand & Sparkles is offering you a chance to pick a design from a selection of over 150 different items in their collection and transform it into a personalised piece of exclusive jewellery. The company will then take what you create and craft out a real item from conflict-free gold or platinum.

& Sparkles was founded by cousins Daniel and Ronald Schipper whose ancestry is rooted in the world of jewellery making. Together they have set out to bring artists and the art of jewellery-making together and create timeless pieces of artwork that can be worn on the bodies of creative people everywhere. Now they are giving the public a chance to customise a piece from their extensive collection, giving them the opportunity to make something they may never otherwise create. “Each one of the designers gets the chance to work with materials usually beyond their reach. This ensures unprecedented creative freedom and experimentation, and is resulting in some of the most exquisite and original objects being produced today.”

Designer Melody Deldjou was invited by & Sparkles to contribute a design for this campaign and used the opportunity to mesh Persian atmosphere with Dutch design. "Dutch design is conceptual and mostly very rational, so connecting that with the poetical “thousand and one nights” feeling of Persia was my biggest challenge. I’m happy with the results because all three of the collections I designed for & Sparkles reveal a story about my life from childhood to now. And on top of that, my designs help to harmonize the two cultural backgrounds of east and west into something more modern."

So, feel like you’re up to the challenge? If you want a chance to work with materials you’re a stranger to, and have a hand in designing objects that will actually go into production, then follow the link below and get designing.


& Sparkles: Cellula Ring


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