It’s Nice That’s Monthly Mixtape #2: Journeys

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Put your hands together for The It’s Nice That Monthly Mixtape #2: Journeys

It’s that time again, when we at It’s Nice That blow your minds with our kind-of-lame lame, yet paradoxically pretty spectacular playlists. This month our theme is Journeys, which has inspired the studio to dredge 24 fantastic songs out of their memories for your listening pleasure.

From songs that reminded us of “sitting in the back of my parents’ Triumph driving to Spain” to some CDs that were only listened to because they got jammed in car stereos, to reggae-loving taxi drivers and lyrics like “Do you speak-a my language?, He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich” I think we can all agree that there are a lot of tracks out there that remind us of journeys.

So which ones made the cut? Find out via this link or listen below.


It’s Nice That’s Monthly Mixtape #2: Journeys