Quentin De Briey: julian furones is an amazing skateboarder

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Want to see some of the coolest homes on the planet? Quentin De Briey’s on it

Quentin’s Tumblr portfolio of his photographic work reveals a few key things about him that we wouldn’t otherwise have necessarily known. A) He is French, or hangs around in France a lot. B) He has a lot of model friends and ): He seems to have a kind of obsession with the insides of people’s houses, and how they adorn them. Option C is, for me, the most intriguing as he’s basically pandering to the visual needs of all of the people who admit to themselves (vocally or not) that their guilty pleasure is seeing inside people’s homes and, let’s be honest, judging them.

Now Quentin doesn’t seem like the judging type, he just seems to appreciate knick-knacks, and he seems to visit a lot of beautiful, French friends who have particularly good and interesting knick-knacks. So for that reason, he’s terrific. Scroll down for a nose around, then go to his website and have a good old poke about there as well.


Quentin De Briey: some friend’s june 2012


Quentin De Briey: from my serie for under the influence magazine.normandie april 2012


Quentin De Briey: room service.florence july 2012


Quentin De Briey: cassano’s family.torino july 2012


Quentin De Briey: claudio’s house.torino july 2012


Quentin De Briey: cara delevigne playing piano at ferragamo’s countryside house near florence.july 2012


Quentin De Briey: Lea t at breakfast.torino july 2012


Quentin De Briey: claudio’s house.torino july 2012