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Cannes Lions-winning game Racer allows you to race your friends across multiple phone screens

Video games have come on miles since the days of perching at the end of the sofa in our living room avidly clutching a Playstation control and racing Crash Bandicoot repeatedly down the same strip of the Great Wall of China. They’ve come on so far in fact that the kids of today don’t even need controls, apps, or to download any software. They don’t even need to be kids, for Pete’s sake!

The revolution I’m referring to is Racer, the game which has just won gold at Cannes Lions, which allows you to race cars across multiple screens – be they androids, iPhones or tablets, without any faff whatsoever. It’s pretty innovative, relying solely on the internet and the use of the Chrome browser to provide smooth playing. With music by Giorgio Moroder and beautifully slick visuals, it looks to be the new Crash Bandicoot. Watch the behind-the-scenes video below for all of the real techy lowdown.


Racer (still)


Racer (still)


Racer (still)