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Rafael Rozendaal’s work projected onto the world’s biggest LED screen in Seoul

We’ve long been fans of Rafael Rozendaal’s digital creations but perhaps our only frustration has been seeing his talents constrained by our computer screens. Well now that’s been addressed – and then some – by an installation in Seoul. Rafael was invited to show four of his works – Much Better Than This, Falling Falling, Like This Forever and Towards Beyond – on the world’s biggest LED screen which measures 100 metres by 80 metres (an installation produced by none other than Calvin Klein).

Rafael says: “I always thought moving images are very versatile. They are energy based, not atom based, just like music. You can listen to a song at home, while you run, in a club, or in a huge stadium.
It doesn’t change the song, it does change the experience.”

And to all South Korean motorists good luck concentrating on the road. You may need it…