Raymond Lemstra: Nokia

Work / Illustration

Check out Raymond Lemstra and his wonderfully quirky robotic totems

Tribal and robotic, are rarely two words that go hand-in-hand but somehow illustrator Raymond Lemstra manages to succeed in fusing the traditional with the futuristic in his mask and character designs. Soft, dulled colours blend with rounded squares and fine angles, these illustrations are subtle and steer clear of becoming paraodies of tiki wood carvings or totem poles rather they breathe new life into them. Throughout his work there’s a real sense of personality to each of his designs even when it’s a completely symmetrical, unmoving mask. It’s the detail and composition that enables Raymond to give them quirks and character, strengthening his pieces and making you dig that line work even more.


Raymond Lemstra:


Raymond Lemstra: Akuma


Raymond Lemstra: De Balie


Raymond Lemstra: Fraternatatis II


Raymond Lemstra: Tobacco I