Razon Collective: Sarah Elliot

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Mesmerising photojournalism from cross-world collaborators Razon Collective

Travelling to some of the most forbidding areas of the world to document people trapped in extreme political situations can’t be easy. The solitude and the question of what am I doing here? must be frequent when you are not hired by a national news corporation, but actually doing this because you truly want to. The four people that make up Razon Collective have devised a scheme whereby they travel the world separately in order to cover the most ground, and then every now and again they meet up and share their photographs and stories.

But what photographs! The four members of the collective manage to retain their own unique approach to their work, yet when put together as a set the images become something much more powerful. Their agreement to work as a collective, yet thousands of miles apart, is an inspirational approach to photography and, as you can see, the results speak for themselves.


Razon Collective: Brian L Frank


Razon Collective: Brian L Frank


Razon Collective: Jared Moossy


Razon Collective: Justin Maxon


Razon Collective: Sarah Elliott


Razon Collective: Jared Moossy