Rebecca Mock: Summer of ’65 For the NY Times Style Review

Work / Animation

Intricate GIFs depicting modern life from illustrator Rebecca Mock

GIFs are just a part of life now, like shoes or the BBC. In a world overrun with these oddly satisfying little snippets of expression, the general vibe of GIFs so far has been leaning much more on the quantity level than the quality. When you find yourself scrolling cross-eyed through the internet and you come across GIFs with such delicate majesty such as these by Rebecca Mock, it hits you like a pixelated smack in the face. Rebecca is an illustrator from New York who creates exquisite digital illustrations for the likes of The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Medium among others. Her illustrations are subtle and somewhat tender moments represented in GIF form, un-showy and delicate. Sometimes the only thing moving in the whole image is a flashing light on a laptop, or the endless sideways scroll of an iPad. How refreshing to see someone leaping on this medium, and using it to illustrate the strange new digital world we’re in.


Rebecca Mock: Evernote


Rebecca Mock: Dreaming of the Second Impact for the Red Cross Zine


Rebecca Mock: Lucky Cat


Rebecca Mock: Animated cover for The Walrus Summer Reading issue 2013


Rebecca Mock: The Quiet Ones


Rebecca Mock: A Party


Rebecca Mock: Main Street Blues


Rebecca Mock: Nothing to do in this Heat