Reed + Rader: DinoFriend for Cretaceous Returns

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Reed + Rader provide GIF-tastic dubstep-dancing dinosaurs in new show

As both its acolytes and detractors never tire of telling you, east London is many things, but a home to dubstep-danicng dinosaurs? That’s a new one for us. Luckily Reed + Rader’s mind works exactly like that and the New York-based duo have taken over the 18 Hewett Street gallery with a surreal Gif-tastic celebration bringing together prehistoric critters and cutting edge technology.
The best thing about Pamela (Reed) and Matthew (Rader) is that they don’t take themselves too seriously and so let their imaginations run riot in ways which make their work all the richer.

And Protein is also hosting a series of events this week with the pair to open up some insights about their partnership and their process. Snazzy.

Cretaceous Returns runs until November 20.


Reed + Rader: Feeding for Cretaceous Returns


Reed + Rader: Cretaceous Returns


Reed + Rader: Sidescroller for Cretaceous Returns


Reed + Rader: Sidescroller for Cretaceous Returns


Reed + Rader: Sidescroller for Cretaceous Returns


Reed + Rader: Walking for Cretaceous Returns