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Remus & Kiki animates drink and carb-fuelled antics in humorous short, Shit Burger

“Shit Burger came from us setting ourselves the challenge to complete a short animation in just 48 hours,” say London-based director duo Remus & Kiki, who’ve worked together since university. “We didn’t succeed in sticking to the 48-hour rule in the end and spent about a week on it.”

The pair, made up of Remus Buznea and Kyriaki Kyriakou, was inspired by the area of Vauxhall, London, near where the pair live and the 30-second short captures the after-dark antics that occur when the pubs close and the lights come on. “We decided to base it on some of the stuff we’ve seen around Vauxhall Station and Oval Station almost every Friday and Saturday night, when at a certain hour the chip shops get full of big-legged ladies and tired-looking dudes looking for sustenance,” explains Remus & Kiki. “The food usually finds its way to the street in one way or another, and it’s that kind of gross stuff that inspires us.”

The scenes the duo depict are universally recognisable after a lairy night out, and convey that drunken need for chips and burgers in crude, humorous detail. Using a dark, grimy colour palette, we’re catapulted into those twilight hours where everyone makes their way towards a drunken stupor.

Remus & Kiki started working together in 2014 in their second year at university when they created a short called Dateless. “The best part about working together is making each other laugh with silly ideas and stupid drawing, it brings our morale up and gets us pumped for animating,” says the duo. Remus & Kiki are signed to London-based production studio Beakus, and the pair’s style of gross, comic book-style animation captures all the sights seen around burger shops in London perfectly.


Remus & Kiki: Shit Burger


Remus & Kiki: Shit Burger


Remus & Kiki: Shit Burger