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Review of the Year: Some audiovisual treats we released in 2013

Here at It’s Nice That, 2013 saw us solidify our commitment to audio visual content with the launch of our brand new site First Broadcast. With bespoke video content, audio interviews, our weekly podcast Studio Audience, plus talks from our events, it’s a good place to lose yourself for a while engaging with some all-singing-all-dancing curated creativity (Disclaimer: No actual singing or dancing included). Here’s a look at some of the highlights…

Why New York?

When directors Will Hudson and Alex Bec went off to The Big Apple in September, they recorded a series of interviews with some of the creatives they met up with. The project has been an ongoing one and here are two of our favourites; Michael Bierut on why Starbucks changing their breakfast menu is so traumatic and Andrea Aranow on why home will always be NYC.

Paul Smith: Up Close and Personal

To coincide with Paul’s show at the Design Museum, we were offered some time with the great man in his iconic office. We were determined to use our session to tell a different story to the glut of media coverage which accompanied the exhibition and with brilliant filmmaker James Aiken set about trying to show a different side to one of Britain’s most engaging creative minds.

Studio Audience

Every week we get together for 24 minutes or so of art and design chit-chat, looking at some of the creative industries’ hot potatoes. This series has been the usual combination of high brow analysis and borderline libellous nonsense and you’re best bet if that sounds like your kind of thing is just to jump right in. I remember this episode as being particularly fun, so could be a good place to start. If you’re a long time podcast fan, then you NEED to hear the chaotic Christmas special…

Here 2013

Our annual creative symposium Here was a barnstorming success again this year (if we do say so ourselves!) thanks to the brilliant turns from our eclectic line-up of speakers. Again it seems tough to single a few out but Nelly Ben Hayoun’s effervescent performance, Wayne Hemingway’s inspirational overview of his career and Mark Porter’s reflections on editorial design all good places to start.

Between The Lines

Our first specially-commissoned video series which helped launch First Broadcast was Between The Lines, our take on the ubiquitous studio visit films that have once again been de rigeur in 2013. Working with Jai Rafferty, we went into the spaces where some of our favourite publications are made, and explored how these places and their personalities of those behind these titles combined to make magazine magic.

London Design Festival Daily

During this year’s London Design Festival we set ourselves the challenge of getting out and about and recording a series of special podcasts featuring those involved with the annual jamboree. A particular highlight came at the launch of the new Kvadrat book when we got to sit down with the legendary Peter Saville and spoke about, well, all sorts of things.

Here 2012

If all that isn’t enough to get you going then you can also find the archive of previous events with creative gems a’plenty. This video of the brilliant Giles Duley at Here 2012 is a great example of some of the treats you can find over on the site.