Almost there team – but just before it ends let's look at 2012 in Tweets

31 December 2012

Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind, well worry not but take a look at their Twitter timelines…yeah that’s right I took the famous old song and gave it a contemporary twist – so sue me (please don’t sue me). For our final look back at 2012 we’ve collated some of the 140-character reflections on the year’s events and we’ve also asked some friends to sum up their year in a Tweet. And so in the spirit of brevity let’s crack on…

In January various sites including Wikipedia shut down for 24 hours in protest at the proposed new SOPA law in the USA, leading @benpartridge to Tweet: “Somewhere, the man who made Encarta is more excited than he’s been since 1994. It feels like the morning of his daughter’s wedding.”

Sometimes funny Tweets have a point to make, such as @stuheritage on the culture of trolling: "People who say ’I am my own worst critic’: you’re almost certainly not. The internet exists now. You’re lucky if you’re in the top twenty” or Dezeen’s @Marcus Fairs satirising the groping uncertainty of technology journalists : “According to sources who haven’t seen the new Apple product, it might be launched as soon as this month, or if not, later.”

Sometimes though the Twitterati are just great at being silly, such as @Synthjock’s cracker: “I once bought a Bonnie Tyler satnav. It was rubbish. Kept telling me to turn around and every now and then it fell apart,” and @lukeromyn’s sage advice: “When Googling Gary Oldman, never, EVER forget to type the R.”

Of course here in London it’s been a big year and as usual Twitter was quick to get in on the action. @Andy Wolton summed up our pre-jubilee mood pithily: “What did you do for the #jubilee in 2012, Dad?” “Well son, I f*cking moaned and moaned and moaned” while @MatthewCrosby stood out among the constant jokers with: “Disappointed that the BBC completely ignored the fact that it’s also Queen Latifah’s jubilee this weekend. #shame.”

Of all the manifold Olympic Tweets I still can’t really get my head around this from @RealVimto during Tom Daley’s tense diving efforts: "These divers are good, but imagine how much better they would be if the water was Vimto (and they had lions behind them).” Um, yeah. Imagine.

And whether it was the immediate responses to the bungled attempt of an amateur restorer to fix a Jesus mural –“MY FACE!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FACE!!!!!!” cried @FrescoJesus or @Ludacris reporting on the US Election “MOVE MITT! GET OUT THE WAY!” or some fun based around the Apple Maps problems from @Al_horner "C’mon you guys, this new iPhone maps app really isn’t so bad, I’m using it right now and it seems to be working alri-PLUNGES INTO RAVINE,” Twitter at its best continued to amuse, inform and entertain.

So that’s the pick of our favourites, but here’s how some friends of ours and some of our lovely readers summed up their 2012 in a Tweet…

“2012: Humbling, exciting, scary and happy. Heart is full. Onward to 2013! PS: too much email.”
Wise words from @swissmiss

“2012 – con: recession, hard work. Pro: olympics, hard work paid off.”
And a nice message about the value of hard work from @W2Optimism

“Graduated from famous art school. One more BA for my wall. Grew my hair. Hamster died. Plants too. Less lost, for less money.”
So overall a good 12 months (hamster aside) for @idontknowmaybe

“New puppy, new career, went to Venice saw a biennale, learnt that art was crazy sexy while design is smart sexy, laughed a lot.”
And a great art/design divide drawn by @lightlyusedcopy

“Contradictions: Change & No Change, Colour & Monochrome, Happy & Sad, Movement & Static , Everything & Nothing. Cheers!”
The yin and yang of 2012 for illustrator @Supermundane

“2012: More of the same, only faster and better-looking.”
While it was souped up continuity for @samanthalirvine

“Lipsmackin thirst quenchin ace tastin motivatin good buzzin cool talkin high walkin fast livin ever givin cool fizzin 2012…”
We have no idea what he’s talking about but as ever @lawrencezeegen says it with style

“Always growing, always learning, always progressing, forever will we be students of design, still naive.”
While @JonCleave": sums up what many of us think…

“Collaboration, understanding of our craft, thoughtful communication are key to building a more meaningful experience on the web.”
And @thinkleft has some wise words about web design.

“Executive summary 2012- Oop- Op, Op, Op, Oop- Oppa Gangnam Style.”
And just as it left our head, @creatino slams it back in!

Happy New Year everyone!

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