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Take that Friday morning! We look at the shapeshifting animations of one-to-watch Rhys Coren

No big deal but I’ve just been sitting here with my eyeballs turning into curry thanks to the wonderful animations of artist Rhys Coren. It’s Friday, so a little bit of coma-inducing pattern-shifting is totally allowed, nay recommended. A man with more projects under his belt than you can shake a USB stick at, Rhys has been at the forefront of young, contemporary artwork since 2008, relentlessly putting on shows and collaborations with some of London’s freshest thinkers such as Luckypdf and B.C.

As well as making these rather mesmerising animations and planning groundbreaking shows, Rhys is one half of Bubblebyte, an “online gallery showcasing artists that engage in a creative way with the digital space and stress the multiple possibilities of the media.” Bubblebyte specialises in webpage takeovers for the likes of the Venice Biennale and Art Licks. Where’s he going to go next? We don’t know, but as long as he keeps churning out these eye-popping videos, we’ll be happy.


Rhys Coren: LXXXVIII


Rhys Coren:


Rhys Coren:


Rhys Coren: