Rick Guest: Edward Watson (Courtesy of Royal Opera House)

Work / Exhibition

Rick Guest captures Royal Ballet dancers in all their strange glory

Although I’ve been known to own a dance floor in my younger days (you’re right Shakira the hips DON’T lie) ballet is still an art form I’m fully to appreciate. But that might all be about to change thanks to Rick Guest’s beguiling new series of photographs of dancers from The Royal Ballet going on show in London later this month.

Taking as its starting point choreographer George Balanchine’s quote: “What are you waiting for? What are you saving yourself for? Now is all there is!” Rick worked with stylist Olivia Pomp to create a set of portraits not just of hugely talented individuals – in whom strength and beauty come together for supreme physical feats – but also of an institution’s dedication to excellence and ballet’s enchanting power. While some of the photographs are stripped back – dancer on blank background – others feature interesting and unusual props which hint at a hidden depth of narrative.

Now Is All There Is runs from January 25 to the 27 at The Hospital Club.


Rick Guest: Hayley Foskitt (Courtesy of Royal Opera House)


Rick Guest: Steven MacRae (Courtesy of Royal Opera House)


Rick Guest: Nehemiah Kish (Courtesy of Royal Opera House)


Rick Guest: Marianela Nunez (Courtesy of Royal Opera House)


Rick Guest: Steven McRae (Courtesy of Royal Opera House)


Rick Guest: Thiago Soares (Courtesy of Royal Opera House)