Rob Flowers: Hotdogging

Work / Illustration

Oh you like magic and burgers too? Great, meet Rob Flowers

Something about the gargoyle-like Bash Street Kids appealed to us at an early age, as did Desperate Dan’s disgusting and terrifying (seriously though, imagine him in real life) “cow pie” fetish. This is perhaps why illustrators like Rob Flowers continue to delight our senses, full of wide-eyed toothy characters, lurid colours and things we’re not supposed to eat anymore now that we’re grown-ups (yes, that’s you hotdogs). Rob’s huge collection of work speaks volumes about fast food, rockets, blue skies and McDonalds villains, but it’s not all fun and games; his pieces for The British Museum, Action Aid, Creative Review and countless others are insightful and charming, with just the right amount of cheeky gaudiness. Two thumbs up!


Rob Flowers: Present Joys


Rob Flowers: British Museum


Rob Flowers: Hilarious


Rob Flowers


Rob Flowers


Rob Flowers: McD’s (Burgermat Show)