Rob Pybus: Loggy Bear

Work / Illustration

In terms of illustration, is it possible to find The One? Rob Pybus proves it is

It’s pretty rare that you come across something and decide on the spot that it is your favourite of its kind (barring, perhaps, your first taste of a strawberry fromage frais) but it does happen. Even though a top three of anything is likely to change every now and again, it’s nice to know who or what’s in it, from sandwiches, to pubs, to dream dinner party guests. Rob Pybus has arrived firmly into our lives and has settled comfortably in the temporary top-three of our brains with his bubblegum-coloured, crowded illustrations. A recent Brighton graduate, Rob is now doing what he does best for big companies who want a slice of his very enviable and almost mystical talent.


Rob Pybus: Breakfast Made Easy


Rob Pybus: Whirlfool


Rob Pybus: Hedgers


Rob Pybus: Aqua Tours


Rob Pybus: Swing Kings


Rob Pybus: Panic Sandwich


Rob Pybus: Boom Skates